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Electric vehicle charging pile wireless monitoring system

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the promotion and support of new energy vehicles in the world, new energy vehicles will occupy an important position in the future automobile market. If the incompleteness of supporting facilities such as charging stations in the past limits the development of electric vehicles to a certain extent. If this is the case, then this problem is gradually being solved. Recently, China Charging Alliance released a report on the report. According to the report, as of the first half of 2019, China's domestic charging piles have exceeded 1 million units, an increase of 69.3%. At the same time, the number of public charging piles built by some domestic enterprises has exceeded 410,000.

At the same time, in the first half of the year, the number of pure electric vehicles in China reached 2.81 million, accounting for 81.74% of the total number of new energy vehicles. The China Charging Union mentioned that the current domestic car-to-pillar ratio is 3.5:1, which is obviously not able to support the normal charging of most electric vehicles.

The China Charging Alliance believes that China's electric vehicle market is still at a rapid development stage, but the number of charging piles cannot meet the normal needs of people, and it is still necessary to continue to improve in the future.

Since the function of the charging pile is similar to that of a fuel dispenser, the particularity of its use determines the main problems that the charging pile industry will face:

1. The charging piles are scattered, and it is difficult for the owner to find the charging pile;

2, charging time is long, the owner waits for a long time, many car owners do not want to wait;

3. The charging pile has a complicated structure and is difficult to maintain and manage;

4. Real-time and stable data transmission;

5. The location of the charging piles is scattered, including the underground parking lot. The expressway may require a large number of charging piles, which is inconvenient to manage;

6. The charging piles are basically operated in an unattended environment, and there are great security risks.

In response to the above problems, our company relies on its rich experience in the industrial IoT industry, with the company's rich network access products, to build a set of Internet-based solutions for charging piles, which can effectively solve the development of charging piles. For these issues, the entire system includes:

1. Remote data collection: Real-time remote transmission of various charging pile status data (including charging pile power, current, elegance, power, switch and other operating parameters) to the remote monitoring platform through 3G\4G network. The monitoring platform can be real-time or Timely control the charging switch through the 3G\4G network and modify the relevant parameters of the charging post.

2. Fault management: The running status of the charging pile can be monitored in real time. Once the fault occurs, the monitoring platform can receive the alarm and can remotely diagnose or notify the relevant personnel to go to the site for maintenance;

3. APP application: By connecting the charging pile to the network management center to provide basic data, the charging pile manufacturer or the third-party software company can develop various application APPs, which can realize GSI charging pile location inquiry, reservation charging, charging reminding and online Online functions such as payment; at the same time, it can collect user transaction data and user behavior habit information to achieve big data integration;

4, WIFI coverage: provide WIFI coverage in the surrounding area of the charging pile; at the same time, it can push advertisements and WeChat service push and other functional services;

5. Local multimedia service: The owner can watch local video, music and news while waiting for charging, and easily charge the charging time;

6. Real-time video surveillance: Connect the video surveillance system through 4G network. The monitoring platform can monitor the surrounding conditions of the charging pile and the road conditions in real time, and improve the security

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