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ADAER wins "double soft enterprise certification"

Not long ago, our company obtained the double software certification certificate "Software Enterprise Certificate" and "Software Product Certificate" issued by Jiangsu Software Industry Association.

Our company successfully passed the "double soft enterprise" certification, which is a great encouragement to our company. On the one hand, it fully affirms the unremitting efforts of our company in software development for many years; on the other hand, it also shows that we are regulating the operation and other aspects. It has taken a new step and fully proved that the development technology and technical service level of the company's software products have reached a new level. It also shows that we have been recognized by the government, industry and customers. This is our historical achievement. Certainly, it is a huge boost to future work.

The success of “Double Soft Certification” has enhanced our brand image and made us confident in the future development prospects. We will continue to strive to provide new and old customers with better and more practical products and services.

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