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       Founded in 2010, Nanjing ADAER Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional R&D and sales provider of M2M (machine to machine) products, providing wireless communication based on 2G, 3G, 4G, NB-IoT, LoRa and 5G to various industries. High-tech enterprises such as industrial-grade Modem, DTU (Data Transfer unit), industrial routers, vehicle routers, advertising routers, dual-card routers and IoT intelligent terminals.


       Since its establishment, ADAER has successfully developed mobile wireless communication terminal equipment based on 3G and 4G networks. The company is developing 5G IoT intelligent gateway equipment. In the upcoming 5G era of the Internet of Things, the company will explore more integrated applications of M2M wireless terminal products and Internet of Things and cloud computers. We believe that our products will have a larger market in the development of 5G Internet of Things.


       At present, ADAER products have been widely used in the remote data transmission of electric power, oil field, security, water conservancy, environmental protection, finance, municipal, military, public security, logistics, mining, transportation, industrial control, medical rescue, intelligent buildings, Internet of Things and other industries. And wireless video surveillance. With the large-scale coverage and popularization of various mobile communication networks in China and the continuous downward adjustment of mobile operator tariffs, the widespread application of wireless data transmission terminal production and wireless video surveillance systems will be further promoted.


       In the face of the fast-growing mobile data transmission market, IoT applications, cloud computing services and the upcoming 5G era, ADAER will actively develop new communication products and value-added services that are more suitable for market needs according to customer needs, and will continue to expand into new industries. Applications, providing high-quality mobile communications industry applications and better technical solution support services to customers around the world.


Company's full name: Nanjing ADAER Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: ADAER)

Tel: +86-25-85399020



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  • +86-25-85399020

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